I.C.F. ( Insulated Concrete Forms )

BCON is a Dealer for NUDRA Products and can provide Architects, Contractors and Home Owners a more efficient way to build your Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential


You can receive up to R-50 with the thermal mass that is created, saving building owners up to 70% in energy costs.


I.C.I Foundations

We have experience on leed projects and our forming system is favorable because the wall ties used are removable and always reused.


The finished project is much cleaner looking than most foundation walls because of the custom built plywood forms. These specific forms leave minimal form lines compared to using 2’ panels and multiple unsightly tie holes. By using the custom built forms, there are endless amounts of architectural features that are possible.


With our industry knowledge and the accessibility to Styrofoam plastic or steel girder forms, BCON can get your project completed, meeting both your time and budget requirements.


Equipment Foundations

Our experience with Civil construction projects have been built on for many years whether a small lathe base or a multiple plinthe steel fabrication line. We know the accuracy that millwrights expect and make sure they are maintained.


Decorative Concrete

Colored and stamped, or exposed aggregate driveways, sidewalks, and patios began as a part-time job. With the growing trend in decorative concrete we have been able to acquire ample experience. With our experience in concrete and sub-base condition, we can offer customers a solid-base, durable surface that is esthetically pleasing. We always use welded wire mesh and unique saw cut designs specific to each job. We are particularly careful to consider weathering elements when designing each job.


General Trade

Our employees have a wide range of experience from carpentry, rigging and to general labour, and we are positive that we will be able to efficiently and precisely get the job done for our customers.

Services That We Offer

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